Hello everyone,

Jency found a little bottle of bubble solution the other week and has been letting the little floaty soapy things invade the design/developer table.  This reminded me of a million little things (not literally, I’m just a fan of hyperbole) so I’m sharing a few.

Check this guy out:

I think we should have a go.  In order to make them really huge you can’t just have soap and water, so there are lots of different bubble mixes. I’m pretty sure my dad adds cooking oil and serious soap “bubbleologists” keep their personal mixes secret. I think glycerine is meant to be good. We should have a competition like these guys:

There’s an instructible on making a simple loop sting thing, but I think I’ve only ever got as far as using a wire coat hanger and a bucket; giving up when it all goes wrong, and throwing soapy water all over the garden/pavement/living room.

Hmm what does this page break button do…

Look science!

A change in colour can be observed while the bubble is thinning due to evaporation and draining. Thicker walls cancel out red (longer) wavelengths, causing a blue-green reflection. Later, thinner walls will cancel out yellow (leaving blue light), then green (leaving magenta), then blue (leaving a golden yellow). Finally, when the bubble’s wall becomes much thinner than the wavelength of visible light, all the waves in the visible region cancel each other out and no reflection is visible at all. When this state is observed, the wall is thinner than about 25 nanometers, and is probably about to pop. This phenomenon is very useful when making or manipulating bubbles as it gives an indication of the bubble’s fragility.

Source: wikipedia

SO FREAKING COOL. And speaking of cool…


This is a rather nice gallery of frozen bubbles that was sent around the internet a while ago: Link. It’s so incredible to see it crystallise on the surface like that. And seeing as I’ve strayed into awesome bubble photography; if you haven’t already seen this guy’s flickr set, they’re really beautiful:

Source: Flickr

Aw seeing as I’m on a roll I may as well add this:

Conclusion: Bubbles are cool.



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