the age of trendy lower case is over. helvetica neue light is so last year…

Standard Case Headlines seem like an Ancient Memory.

Yes people…the CAPITALS revolution is in full swing!

Capital headlines are BOLD, DECISIVE, STRONG and ANGULAR. They have the chiselled features of Schwartznegger. And they are here to stay.

So why have the capitals come back?

Perhaps it is a revival of typography from the WW2 propaganda posters, and the dunkirk spirit that we again have had to adopt because of the economic downturn.

Maybe it is a nostalgic homage to Hitchcock posters:

We need bold, strong messages and stability in our uncertain times. We need BIG characters…we need fonts that we can trust…


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Central Saint Martins graduate, illustrator and designer working at Essence Digital in Soho. View all posts by laurenmorris

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