Who wants 500 friends when you can’t find someone to love?

Really interesting article by Bruce Nussbaum about the progression of Gen-Y’s (Facebook Generation/Millenium Generation/Echo Boomers) and their relationship with social networking.

“The thing is, when you are 14 or 15, all you want in life is those 500 Friends. But when you hit 20, 21 22, you begin to want other things–love, personal, a great first job, family, maybe even privacy. The biggest mistake trend-spotters make is confusing generational change with life-cycle change. Much of the projection about the future of Facebook is based on this confusion. What we’re seeing today is the aging of Gen Y as the edge of this huge demographic moves into adulthood. And while Gen Y will keep Facebook as its core generational communication platform (the way my mother still uses the telephone) , what they want from it is starting to drastically change”….Read the full article here


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