Little Black Books – Interesting article by Michael Silverberg

Fifteen years ago, Moleskine bet on paper and won. Now it ponders its future in the digital world.

At the beginning of my interview with two Moleskine executives in the company’s sparkling new Manhattan offices overlooking the Hudson River, I made a serious faux pas: I pulled out another company’s notebook.
I’ve owned a handful of Moleskines in the past, but I’ve never become a regular user. Instead, I spend $1.50 for a Muji pad or even less for a homely, generic, spiral-bound notebook from the drugstore. It’s not that I’m blind to aesthetics—the creamy paper, the tactile elastic band, the handy fold-out pocket, and even the crisp type of a Moleskine are addictive. But as a freelance journalist, I just can’t regularly spend $18 for a reporter’s notebook. So I make do with second-rate paper and cast envious glances at the comely black bundle on the café table next to me…Read the full article here



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