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Central Saint Martins graduate, illustrator and designer working at Essence Digital in Soho.

Oxford Street gets the builders in…

It’s a tough job hanging pictures…We wanted the Design & “Build” guys to do it, but they were too busy. So the Creative Team stepped up to the challenge. They were given full safety gear, just in case.

We chose to decorate our meeting rooms with the work of Chalermphol Harnchakkham and James Gulliver Hancock.


Creatively cut-out place settings

When tasked with a mundane job of making 110 place settings for an our company’s 6th party, the creative team went a little overboard and created these…

We had crafted over 100 place cards, 10 for each table, and each was decorated to match the table names, which were themed on famous pairs. For instance, Ben & Jerry (Ice Cream), Will & Kate ( Crown).

Yummo web design

Another tribute to Marc Johns

Smart Planet Posters by Ogilvy for IBM

Some really nice use of typography and colour. Yummo.

Baking Made Creative…

For all the other creatives that are into baking. The perfect combination of design and cookies…

Message-In-A-Cookie Cutters from Williams-Sonoma

Star Wars Cookie Cutter set also from Williams-Sonoma

Cheesey Feet Cutter from Cox & Cox

Helvetica Cookie Cutters from Beverly Hsu

Mini Gingerbread House  for mugs by NotMartha

Edible Chess set available from Biggles

Pac Man Cookie Cutters from SUCK UK

Stickers on the Central Line

Stickers On The Central Line is a street art project that has its artists ‘change’ the eponymous London Underground line with carefully-placed stickers on route maps:


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