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Ex-Pixar Designer Creates iPad Kids book

An Ex-Pixar designer as created this interactive story book for kids on the iPad. Incredible graphics joined with interactivity allows the reader to immerse themselves in the plot line.

“Every page has some delightful, hidden feature embedded into it”

Click on the pics for more info, or watch the vid below, it’s better on full screen.


Infographic- how much data will humans create and store this year?

If you’ve spent any amount time watching your Facebook or Twitter feed stream by, it should be obvious that the world is creating a lot of data. But because all that data is really just a collection of ones and zeros it can be hard to actually visualize how much is really there.

Jess3- a creative agency that specializes in data visualization

Jess3 is a website packed with case studies of their work, showreels, and the build up to how they made the showreels. Below is a great example of a stop motion animation created to illustrate Gmail’s new mobile interface, and how they made it. click here to see the page and video or here to see some other examples. (

Illustrations by Raphael Vicenzi

Raphael Vicenzi is a Belgique illustrator. Click on the images or here to see more of his stuff.

Starbucks Coffee at home- nice Illustration and navigation

This is quite a cool website Starbucks have made telling you about their different coffees, and which one is best for you.

I particularly like how they’ve really thought about the details e.g. how when you click through to another coffee/ page, it leaves a faint trace of the previous page- like a real chalk board. Having the sound effects is also nice touch.

Which coffee are you?

Wordsearch puzzle wrapping paper

Introducing the new wrapping paper for the lazy people out there. Clever in it’s quirky-ness. Nice!


Flyerfolio – a showcase website for awesome flyer designs.

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