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The Streets – Interactive video

Mike Skinner has unveiled an interactive YouTube film to accompany The Streets final album, Computers And Blues.

In the video, after Mike wakes up, you make the decisions, wake up and get food or sleep on? Etc..

At face value (aside from the clumsy Doritos product placement) the execution is fairly slick. But ultimately, it’s a bit lightweight and doesn’t take long take to go through several scenarios. I guess if you’re into the music that’s enough to keep you exploring. Otherwise? Well I don’t really care if Mike goes to the shops or finishes his smokes.


Wireless Dominoes

Not really sure of the point of this one, but I thought it was still pretty cool. Jarashi Suki has created a set of dominoes that interact wirelessly.

The words jumped off the page…

Interesting book art…


Stalk and surprise

The airline KLM have been dabbling with social media to generate buzz and also provide a little light relief for their bored passengers in the waiting lounge.

KLM monitored tweets from people travelling with them. They then hunted the passengers down in the airport and surprised them with a little gift.

Are you following me?

Satarii is a new start-up raising finance on the IndieGoGo platform.

Their first product is The Satarii Star; a stand for iPhones, Flips, and other small recording devices that follows a wireless marker on a 360 degree turntable to keep the subject in frame. Very cool, especially if you are friendless with a keen interest in amateur movie making.


I’m not sure about this one.

33 bottles of Chilean wine. One for each of the miners stuck under ground, with their name and own particular miner’s story on the back.

I’m not sure where the proceeds are going, but you’ll have to dig deep…

Check out the full story on Design Week


Bob Marley Babysits

Screaming child? Just add Bob…

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