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A Website made of Chocolate…

Sagres were releasing a chocolate beer and wanted to promote it online. Their creative team suggested they make the entire website out of real chocolate and went about finding an expert chocolatiere.

Sagres Preta Chocolate from diografic on Vimeo.


Unleash Your Fingers

For the launch of the Galaxy SII in France, Samsung brought JayFunk, the internet Finger Tutting phenomenon, from Los Angeles to Paris to deliver an incredible and surprising choreography.

ISPCC: Growing Up

Very strong spot by the Irish Society prevention of Cruelty to Children(ISCPCC). The acting performance by this child is superb.

Jess3- a creative agency that specializes in data visualization

Jess3 is a website packed with case studies of their work, showreels, and the build up to how they made the showreels. Below is a great example of a stop motion animation created to illustrate Gmail’s new mobile interface, and how they made it. click here to see the page and video or here to see some other examples. (

BBH ads for Google Chrome

Google is marketing its browser, Chrome, pretty hard at the moment, but you might have missed these two rather lovely ads it has made recently. It has aired on television in America, during the TV show Glee this week.

First up was this spot about the It Gets Better project, which is trying to cut the rate of suicides among gay teens, showing the campaign in action.

Then there’s this love spot called ‘Dear Sophie’, about a sort of online baby book a father is creating for his daughter.

I read about it here


Flyerfolio – a showcase website for awesome flyer designs.

Lego Star Wars, Make Your Own Story

A great new print advertising campaign for the Lego Star Wars License product that launched this week. Bit geeky but funny.

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