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A Website made of Chocolate…

Sagres were releasing a chocolate beer and wanted to promote it online. Their creative team suggested they make the entire website out of real chocolate and went about finding an expert chocolatiere.

Sagres Preta Chocolate from diografic on Vimeo.


Apps On <3 Post-it

Apps on and Post-it have joined forces to create post it pads for the iPhone and iPad. I’m not sure how useful these will be. But I like them for their novelty value regardless.

The pads are the exact size and shape of the iPhone 4/ iPad and are great for developers making apps. There is also a free download of the iPad pad.

Freebie!! Free Icons!

Heart-shaped Social Media Icons:

Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Icons:

Hand Drawn Icons:

Thank you Vecteezey!!

FREEBIE! Royalty free icons – Computer Hardware!

Thanks to PC Unleashed

Freebie!! Browser Elements and iPhone PSD’s

Compliments of teehan+lax



Need a quick placeholder? Photoshop not open? Then try a handy little tool that quickly allows you to generate placeholders of any size – just by typing in the dimensions after the url.

My personal favourite is×288 but hey, why not try one of your own.

Placeholder - Insert text here

Beautiful Email Newsletters For Your Inspiration

To have your brand wildly known by the world can be done through effective advertising. Email newsletters are the example of medium to introduce or remind your client and customers of your brand. Today, simple email in text will not be as effective because there are way more attractive email newsletters being created every day.

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