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Infographic- how much data will humans create and store this year?

If you’ve spent any amount time watching your Facebook or Twitter feed stream by, it should be obvious that the world is creating a lot of data. But because all that data is really just a collection of ones and zeros it can be hard to actually visualize how much is really there.


Lurpak Launches a ‘Kitchen Odyssey’

The new advert is the next phase of their ‘Good food deserves’ campaign, encouraging consumers to step away from the ‘dinner-in-a-box’ option and create something uncomplicated and honest with simple ingredients, showing that whipping up something yourself can be quick and worth the effort.

The ad still features the distinctive voice over by Rutger Hauer and although a little dramatic overall, still manages to inspire!

Advert created by Wieden + Kennedy

Stalk and surprise

The airline KLM have been dabbling with social media to generate buzz and also provide a little light relief for their bored passengers in the waiting lounge.

KLM monitored tweets from people travelling with them. They then hunted the passengers down in the airport and surprised them with a little gift.

Motion Reel by D-sign.

Short but sweet motion reel from D-sign. Awesome music too.



Google Streetview ad! Awesome!

This is really excellent.

Orange online campaign – Balloonacy

Warning to all, this is very addictive. Race your balloon around the internet to win prizes. You can ever add your website as one of the places that people can race on!

A bit of Brunel talent.

Nice little showreel by a friend at Brunel. Love the music too.

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