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Ex-Pixar Designer Creates iPad Kids book

An Ex-Pixar designer as created this interactive story book for kids on the iPad. Incredible graphics joined with interactivity allows the reader to immerse themselves in the plot line.

“Every page has some delightful, hidden feature embedded into it”

Click on the pics for more info, or watch the vid below, it’s better on full screen.


They Draw & Travel

They Draw & Travel was created by Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, a brother and sister design and illustration team who have been working together for over 10 years. They originally created They Draw & Cook, which has become the largest collection of illustrated recipes anywhere. Nate and Salli were blown away by the creative energy artists worldwide pour into their recipe illustrations, and they realised that artists have similar passion for their favorite places to live and visit. They launched They Draw & Travel as a place for artists to express that passion, and for readers to discover their creations.


A tribute to old video games…

Projection mapping on an apartment building, including such classics as Mario, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Lemmings. By Dark’s Playground.

Pilleurs de Brume

Pilleurs de Brume is an interactive board game on tablet (an iPad), in which the gamer can control his game with his smartphone (an iPhone).
It s enhance the experience of board game with digital innovations.

here is the demo:

Green Design Ideas Inspired By Nature

A Wearable Planter

Ivy Bike Lock

Grow Up Cup

Have a look at the others here.

I <3 Cubic

Bunny Scissors and Clips – Surely the best desk accessory ever?

Oven Shark Bite – Shark Shaped Oven Mitt

Cakewich – Silicone Cakewich baking pan is shaped like a big hunk of white bread

Tea Cupcake – Silicone Teacup Shaped Cupcake Moulds

Bunny Tape Dispenser – Does this need a desciption. i really don’t think so.

Sparrow Keyring Set – Hee hee.

Plenty more exciting stuff on the Cubic website.

Lego Star Wars, Make Your Own Story

A great new print advertising campaign for the Lego Star Wars License product that launched this week. Bit geeky but funny.

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