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Embracing the future, disintegrating the past…

52 weeks, 52 Rayguns a collection of Raygun concepts by artists for ‘The Company’ in 2258. Some great illustrations, full of imagination and various styles. Some of my favourites below:


Ex-Pixar Designer Creates iPad Kids book

An Ex-Pixar designer as created this interactive story book for kids on the iPad. Incredible graphics joined with interactivity allows the reader to immerse themselves in the plot line.

“Every page has some delightful, hidden feature embedded into it”

Click on the pics for more info, or watch the vid below, it’s better on full screen.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Video teaser for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s website :

Creatively cut-out place settings

When tasked with a mundane job of making 110 place settings for an our company’s 6th party, the creative team went a little overboard and created these…

We had crafted over 100 place cards, 10 for each table, and each was decorated to match the table names, which were themed on famous pairs. For instance, Ben & Jerry (Ice Cream), Will & Kate ( Crown).

A Website made of Chocolate…

Sagres were releasing a chocolate beer and wanted to promote it online. Their creative team suggested they make the entire website out of real chocolate and went about finding an expert chocolatiere.

Sagres Preta Chocolate from diografic on Vimeo.

Trapped People Street Art

Controversial and memorable street art by Dan Witz features realistic images of people trapped behind fake ventilation grates.

The artist places these photo-based, heavily painted stickers on the walls and buildings around New York and other cities. Nice idea and they would certainly freak me out.

Watch as Dan Witz places images of trapped people around town:

Jess3- a creative agency that specializes in data visualization

Jess3 is a website packed with case studies of their work, showreels, and the build up to how they made the showreels. Below is a great example of a stop motion animation created to illustrate Gmail’s new mobile interface, and how they made it. click here to see the page and video or here to see some other examples. (

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