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Oxford Street gets the builders in…

It’s a tough job hanging pictures…We wanted the Design & “Build” guys to do it, but they were too busy. So the Creative Team stepped up to the challenge. They were given full safety gear, just in case.

We chose to decorate our meeting rooms with the work of Chalermphol Harnchakkham and James Gulliver Hancock.


A “Temporary Restaurant”: Rotating Sensory Experiences Based On Community Input

What Happens When is a NYC-based “temporary restaurant” set to launch within the month. Employing the talents of sound composer Micah Silver, designers Elle Kunnos de Voss and Nadia Tolstoy, and chef John Fraser, the project is an experiment in community-driven collaboration; based on the memories of patrons and supporters, the entire look and feel of the space will be completely transformed each month for nine months. The transformation will include an entirely new menu, sound composition, branding and interior design, based on the input of backers on the restaurant’s Kickstarter page. In an excerpt from the project page below, the team hints at the detailed sensory experience patrons should expect:

Your inspiration can be anything–from a short story you wrote to a song you sang last week–but it should be based off of a meaningful personal food memory.

For example, your favorite meal could have taken place in your grandmothers kitchen. It might have been in Fall, with meatloaf and mashed potatoes. With the sound of leaves crackling outside. And a teapot boiling. It might have been the only time she told you about her dream of being a piano player.

The acute detail of the auditory experience is captured the concept of the “dueling bathrooms’:

These are unlike any bathrooms you’ve every heard. They duel. Each bathroom projects a different composition. When in the hallway you hear both. When inside the bathroom, you only hear one side of the composition. Our composer, Micah, spent 2 weeks figuring this out and is wiring the entire system himself.

What Happens When


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