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Infographic- how much data will humans create and store this year?

If you’ve spent any amount time watching your Facebook or Twitter feed stream by, it should be obvious that the world is creating a lot of data. But because all that data is really just a collection of ones and zeros it can be hard to actually visualize how much is really there.


Isn’t it tweet

Orange’s ‘The Feed’ is turning peoples tweets into cute little animations of romance.

Tweet your love story along with the hash tag #feedlovestories and there is a chance that they will create your own tiny rom-com.

Stalk and surprise

The airline KLM have been dabbling with social media to generate buzz and also provide a little light relief for their bored passengers in the waiting lounge.

KLM monitored tweets from people travelling with them. They then hunted the passengers down in the airport and surprised them with a little gift.

Schweppes Facebook Profile App

Don’t have the Photoshop skills or the time to take full advantage of Facebook’s new profile design?

Schweppes have come up with a Facebook app that makes it easy.

Added bonus – the final result is non-branded so you can keep it strictly personal. Start here to make your own version.

Creative Uses of the New Facebook Profile


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