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Infographic- how much data will humans create and store this year?

If you’ve spent any amount time watching your Facebook or Twitter feed stream by, it should be obvious that the world is creating a lot of data. But because all that data is really just a collection of ones and zeros it can be hard to actually visualize how much is really there.


Pilleurs de Brume

Pilleurs de Brume is an interactive board game on tablet (an iPad), in which the gamer can control his game with his smartphone (an iPhone).
It s enhance the experience of board game with digital innovations.

here is the demo:

Mac or PC?

Wireless Dominoes

Not really sure of the point of this one, but I thought it was still pretty cool. Jarashi Suki has created a set of dominoes that interact wirelessly.

Google Art Project

By now you might have already heard about the latest release from Google – GOOGLE ART PROJECT. With GOOGLE ART PROJECT you can visit many of the worlds best museums and gallerys and explore some of the artwork on show. And in outstanding detail.

You can zoom right into the paintings, closer than you would ever get in to them in a gallery. And in the image I have featured (No Woman, No Cry by Chris Ofili) you can even turn the lights off to see the image as it looks in the dark. Amazing.

Are you following me?

Satarii is a new start-up raising finance on the IndieGoGo platform.

Their first product is The Satarii Star; a stand for iPhones, Flips, and other small recording devices that follows a wireless marker on a 360 degree turntable to keep the subject in frame. Very cool, especially if you are friendless with a keen interest in amateur movie making.

Amazing app! Word Lens!

Its a real-time translating app that makes Google Googles lookoutdated

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