A tribute to old video games…

Projection mapping on an apartment building, including such classics as Mario, Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Lemmings. By Dark’s Playground.


A Website made of Chocolate…

Sagres were releasing a chocolate beer and wanted to promote it online. Their creative team suggested they make the entire website out of real chocolate and went about finding an expert chocolatiere.

Sagres Preta Chocolate from diografic on Vimeo.

Buck 65 video with 60 fictional movie title cards

Travis Hopkins created this speculative music video for the intro of the Buck 65 track “Superstars don’t love”, loving all the different typographical treatments in there.

BUCK 65 “Superstars Don’t Love” from Travis Hopkins on Vimeo.

The basic elements of creativity: copy, transform, and combine

A short and insightful video into the essence of creativity and originality…

Everything is a Remix Part 3 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Trapped People Street Art

Controversial and memorable street art by Dan Witz features realistic images of people trapped behind fake ventilation grates.

The artist places these photo-based, heavily painted stickers on the walls and buildings around New York and other cities. Nice idea and they would certainly freak me out.

Watch as Dan Witz places images of trapped people around town:

Creative Packaging Design of Paper Carrier Bags and Boxes

Examples of some excellent and beautifully designed paper bags and packaging box.


See more creative paper bags and boxes packaging here

Light painting

Very nice light painting calligraphy from the artist Julien Breton

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