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Wireless Dominoes

Not really sure of the point of this one, but I thought it was still pretty cool. Jarashi Suki has created a set of dominoes that interact wirelessly.



I’m not sure about this one.

33 bottles of Chilean wine. One for each of the miners stuck under ground, with their name and own particular miner’s story on the back.

I’m not sure where the proceeds are going, but you’ll have to dig deep…

Check out the full story on Design Week


Drawing fashion

A new exhibition at the Design Museum explores some of the most remarkable fashion illustration of the last hundred years.

Drawing Fashion opens next week (04/11/10)


Need a quick placeholder? Photoshop not open? Then try Placehold.it a handy little tool that quickly allows you to generate placeholders of any size – just by typing in the dimensions after the url.

My personal favourite is http://placehold.it/476×288 but hey, why not try one of your own.

Placeholder - Insert text here

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